Our Renting Procedures are explained in detail on the sheet labeled below "Cover to Application."  In September of 2020, our current Tenants have until Wednesday, Sept. 16th to sign a renewal lease.  After Sept 16th  all houses are available to any group on a first come first served basis.  To lease a house each member of the group must

  1. Submit an application,
  2. Pay a Holding deposit equal 3/4th month's rent, and an admin/prep fee of $150 per person
  3. Sign the lease for the house or apartment.

Note, if a group of current tenants tells us before the 16th that they are leaving, then that house will available sooner to a new group.  So it pays to start looking at houses right away because once available, houses rent quickly.  Last year over 85% of our houses rented by the end of September.

Please print all three pages of the application if interested in any of the rental properties. Right-click on one of each to save to your computer.

1. Download and Read the Application Instructions

2. Print the Application Instructions and the Body of the Application



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